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Child Support Calculator - Canada [2023]

Free child support calculator with features missing from Justice Canada's calculator. Calculate support and set-offs for shared custody in minutes.

Child Support Calculator for Canada
Updated January 1, 2023

Use this child support calculator to calculate child support payable according to the 2017 Canadian Federal Child Support Guidelines and the Child Support Tables specific to each province.

This calculator has been updated to include the new table amounts coming into effect on November 23, 2017. Use it to calculate current support obligations. For retroactive support claims, please contact us or try the Divorcepath calculator.

This free calculator is for estimating ongoing support. If you need to download a reliable support report suitable for court or mediation, try the Divorcepath support calculator. Divorcepath is free to try, with premium reports starting at $19.00. Professional use plans are also available. Click here learn more.



Enter your guideline income and residence below. Guideline income is governed by section 15 of the Child Support Guidelines generally includes all income from all sources other than spousal support from the parent paying child support. As the Child Support Tables are province-specific, taking into consideration different provincial tax rates, the amount of child support payable may vary depending on each parent's province of residence.

Step 2: Spousal Support

Spousal Support Entitlement

Not everyone has a right to spousal support. If you are uncertain as to whether you are entitled to spousal support, we recommend you consult a family lawyer. If either person is entitled to spousal support, press the "yes" button below in order to enable the integrated spousal support calculator.

Is either party entitled to spousal support?

Step 3: Children

Parenting of Children

This step involves entering all children of the marriage, and identifying their primary parent. Enter dependent children using the following form by pressing the green "+" button. Then, select the parenting arrangement applicable to each child. "Shared" parenting applies only where both parents each have a minimum of 40% of total parenting time. Most children spend 60% or more time with one parent, in which case please select that parent.

Child 1:

Special Child-Related Expenses

Special child-related expenses are governed by section 7 of the Child Support Guidelines, and are apportioned between separated parents based on income after taking into consideration any child support payments. Special expenses include tuition, medical expenses, child care expenses, and other child-related costs.

Spousal and child support can increase or decrease significantly when these expenses are included.

We are no longer offering expense calculations through this calculator. It is important that tax benefits such as credits for private education, activities, or medical expenses be deducted from the total expense otherwise the calculation will be inaccurate. This requires additional information beyond the scope of this simple calculator. If you have special child-related expenses, use the Divorcepath child & spousal support calculator.

*Not sure what expenses qualify? Read our guide to section 7 expenses.

Step 4: Calculate

Calculate Child Support

By clicking "calculate" you agree that this website does not offer legal advice, that a wide range of considerations influence the amount of any support a party is legally required to pay, that this calculator adjusts payments for limited range of circumstances only, does not account for all tax scenarios, and should not be relied on or presented in court without consulting a family lawyer. All calculations are estimates only.

Step 5: Analysis

Child Support Report

Generate your free child support report using the calculator above. The report will contain:

Detailed Support Scenarios

Review a detailed analysis of your income and expenses and your spouse's income and expenses in low, medium and high spousal support scenarios.

Monthly Disposable Cash

Compare your monthly free cash flow to that of your spouse, i.e. income remaining after considering tax, spousal support and child support.

Total Income Distribution

Visualize how your combined income could be distributed, showing net income, tax, benefits, child support and spousal support.
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How Child Support is Calculated

Child support is calculated using the Federal Child Support Guidelines and gross parental income. In sole custody situations, support is calculated using the paying parent's income only, and this calculator looks up the child support table amount for the paying parent's guideline income. The results will be the same as Canada's official child support table look-up tool. However, in shared and split custody situations, net support is calculated based on offsetting payments that take into consideration the income of each parent. The official look up calculator does not perform these additional calculations.

For example, in shared parenting where each parent has the children at least 40% of the time (also referred to as shared custody) the calculator offsets the notional child support payable by each parent based on their respective guideline incomes.

Where each child resides primarily with a different parent (i.e. split custody) the calculator assesses child support payable by each parent and the difference is the child support payable.

More Child Support Information

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