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How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

...and what to avoid

Posted in Divorce

The Importance of Compatibility

The lawyer/client relationship is a personal one – it’s very important to have the right “fit” with your lawyer. This includes having similar goals for the outcome of your case. It’s important that you are able to communicate freely and clearly with your lawyer, and it’s important that your lawyer understands what is most important to you, as he or she will be your advocate and representative – both to the lawyer on the other side, and to the judge or arbitrator. But how do you find that perfect fit?

At FC&Z Family Lawyers, all of our lawyers have the attitude and philosophy of making it a priority to help you move through this difficult time in your life while doing the least amount of harm to you and your family. We want to see you succeed in reimagining your life, maybe in ways that you didn’t expect. That doesn’t mean that the process is always going to be pleasant, but we do believe that the final result can be positive. We’re the lawyers for you if you want to resolve your matter with dignity and a positive outlook.

How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer - posted September 10, 2016

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