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Mediation Preparation

Posted in Mediation

Great Outcomes Start with Preparation

It is important to attend mediation prepared. In order to do so, we recommend the following:

  • consider your hopes (e.g. healthy and happy children, fairness, financial security, certainty, flexibility, etc.), fears (e.g. impact on children, uncertainty, etc.), concerns, needs, expectations, values, etc.
  • keep an open mind. Mediation is most successful if you are open to exploring different options for resolution. If you attend with the attitude that it is your way or the highway, you are less likely to be successful and end your dispute.
  • bring documentation with you, including:
    • current bank account statements
    • current investment statements
    • current loan statements, including mortgage statements
    • current credit card statements
    • most recent pension statement
    • life insurance policy documentation
    • with respect to real property current real estate appraisals or realtor opinions, if you have obtained any
    • blue book or black book values for your vehicle(s)
    • income tax returns and notices of assessment for the three most recent years
    • three most recent pay stubs
    • if you are self-employed, corporate financial statements for the three most recent years
    • monthly budget of expenses
    • costs associated with your children’s extracurricular activities
    • costs associated with your children’s education
    • costs associated with your children’s medical and dental needs
  • Patience - the nature of mediation is that much of the work is done at the beginning. The initial stages of mediation involve the gathering of facts, information, goals, interests and concerns. That beginning work is by far the most time consuming part of mediation, however, the work done in the initial stages are the building blocks that will greatly increase the likelihood of success.

Mediation Preparation - posted August 15, 2016

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