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Our team has decades of combined experience in specialized areas such as the division of property, tracing hidden matrimonial assets, high-conflict parenting and custody issues, adoptions and other family law matters. We believe that focused experience delivers better results. Let us know how we can help you protect your family, resolve conflicts, and begin your new life.

Brett M. Carlson

Partner - Vancouver
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(604) 343-2837

Heather D. Fraese

Partner - Calgary & Vancouver
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(403) 460-1049

(604) 343-2836

Gillian A. Croucher

Partner - Calgary
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(587) 390-8297

Lauren Zaoral

Partner - Calgary
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(587) 392-9285

Gillianne Hardy-Legault

Associate Lawyer - Calgary
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(587) 391-7368

Kaitlyn L. Hill

Associate Lawyer - Vancouver
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(604) 416-2294

Rebecca E. Bloomer

Associate Lawyer - Calgary
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(403) 460-2519

Brandi L. Aymont

Associate Lawyer - Calgary
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(587) 391-4743

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