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Grow your family through adoption

When a child is adopted, his or her adoptive parents become his or her only parents. The former parents no longer have any of the rights and responsibilities of parenthood. FC&Z assists with two basic types of adoption: private adoptions, when a child is adopted by a new family, and step-parent adoptions, when a step-parent adopts the child of his or her spouse.

Step-parent adoptions are common, and are relatively straightforward when the permission of the birth mother or father is obtainable. A step-parent adoption can become more complex when the non-custodial birth parent cannot be found, or does not want to consent to the adoption. In a step-parent adoption, the custodial birth parent retains all of his or her rights and responsibilities as a parent.

Likewise, third party adoptions are relatively simple when all parties are consenting. In Alberta and British Columbia, the birth parents can request a Home Study. A Home Study may also be ordered by the Judge. You can learn more about Adoption in Canada by visiting the Adoption Council of Canada website.

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