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Every family deserves a great beginning. We can help you find solutions, resolve conflicts, and get started on your new life.

Nearly every Canadian will be affected by a family law dispute. Family lawyers can have a huge impact. We can and must help people move forward with their lives, and in the process build a better life for everyone.

Family law has a very broad reach. There is perhaps no single area of law that touches as many people. The quality or adequacy of a family’s encounter with the justice system can shape their lives and influence their wellbeing for the long term.

Final Report of the National Family Justice Working Group
FC&Z Family Lawyers is a family law boutique founded in 2014. We started this firm in order to practice family law differently. We believe that the best divorce lawyers will guide their client towards a practical resolution, and help them avoid pointless and destructive courtroom battles.

Too many families have been damaged by wasteful and ill-advised litigation, and the lawyers involved must share responsibility. Lawyers should not merely take instruction from their clients, particularly where the client insists on taking unreasonable positions. This happens frequently, as many people get caught up in a cycle of conflict and destructive tit-for-tat battles. Rather than contributing to the problem, we know that a skilled family lawyer can help you resolve those conflicts, move on, and start your new life.

We firmly believe that divorce lawyers must be focused on problem solving with objectivity and compassion.

Divorce need not be the end. It can be a new and exciting beginning. Let’s work together to start your new life. Our growing team of Vancouver family lawyers and Calgary family lawyers can help.

"I can not thank you enough for making this process easier then anticipated. You are genuine and lovely and I appreciate your professionalism and also they way you have eased my fears when I shared them to you."

Calgary family law client of Heather Fraese

Thank you Brett and Heather and the whole team at FC&Z. I would highly recommend using this firm. Not only did they help me accomplish my case, but were extremely professional and personal. They were there for me to answer any questions or concerns quickly and gave me great confidence during a very difficult time. If you are looking for great professionalism i would recommend FC&Z.

Calgary divorce & separation client of Brett Carlson and Heather Fraese

"Both Lauren and Gillian are knowledgeable lawyers who bring results. They communicate better then any other lawyer I’ve encountered. I am grateful to have had them assist through my divorce."

Divorce client of Lauren Zaoral and Gillian Croucher - Calgary

“I want to thank you. I hired you because you emphasized mediation, and I kept on hiring you in the face of one of my brothers and one of my friends insisting I hire a "bulldog" to counter (my ex’s) "bulldog." I'm glad I ignored their advice.”

Calgary family law mediation client of Heather Fraese

"After speaking with Mr.Carlson at this firm a huge amount of stress has been lifted off my shoulders, he was professional and incredibly knowledgeable with my situation and I look forward to working with him again in the future if needed."

Calgary family law client of Brett Carlson

“Brett was great, offered timely and helpful guidance and advice throughout the process. Thank you.”

Calgary divorce client of Brett Carlson

"Friendly, well rounded, knowledgeable, professional and ready to assist. I enjoy dealing with FC&Z. Gillian has helped make a high conflict family law situation less stressful. Thank you!"

Calgary family law client of Gillian Croucher

"The child support calculator provided on line through this firm is awesome. We have a long standing support agreement and we use this annually to update the child support amounts based on our T4's. Thank you for providing this great tool online which allows you lawyers to focus on cases that really require your help rather than simple accounting annually for us folks long through the process."

Child support calculator user
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