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Brandi L. Aymont

Brandi L. Aymont, J.D.

[email protected] (587) 391-4743 (Calgary Local)

Brandi has over 15 years of experience as a family law, general practice, and criminal defence lawyer. Dedicated to her clients and an intuitive and compassionate leader, she is an effective advocate and strategist.

Brandi has substantial experience helping clients navigate the court process as well as alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation and arbitration.

She has appeared before the Court of King’s Bench of Alberta, the Provincial Court of Alberta, and in private arbitrations.

Brandi earned her law degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 2004 before articling in Calgary. She practiced with a criminal defence law firm, a general practice, and a family law boutique before joining FC&Z Family Lawyers in 2020.

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