Where Not to Take Your Family in Vancouver

January 23, 2018

Public Art on Lonsdale

Every year Vancouver ranks impressively as one of the world’s most livable cities. Lifting much of the old red-tape that deemed the city, “Nofuncouer”. And though you’re likely to find new festivals and activities in 2018, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a list outlining where you SHOULD NOT go this Spring.

Well, you’ve come to right place then, as we factor popularity, pricing, traffic, crowds, and of course general safety.

Here are the top 5 places where you SHOULD NOT take your family this Spring:

1. Anything and Everything related to the Steam Clock

I actually walk by the steam clock a few times a week, not to see the clock of course, but to grin at the crowds that flock the corner of 205 Water Street. The TripAdvisor rankings put the clock at 4 stars, which have many skeptics wondering if visitors have ever seen an electric clock before.

Steam Clock in Gastown

Do yourself and your family a favor and Google Search the image, what you see is exactly what you will get.

2. Granville Street after 9

Granville street is the city’s capital for finding the “eccentric” during the day, making it prime real estate for you people watchers.

However after 9PM, hundreds flock to the strip for an unclassy and sometimes disturbing night out. Everything from drunks, trash, shouting contests, broken bottles and panhandlers can be found on one of the city’s busiest areas.

The city’s most popular nightclubs and bars can be found here, but there honestly isn’t much difference in terms of quality, atmosphere or fun.

Some are calling for changes as they claim city council has allowed the area to rot, while other neighborhoods like nearby Kerrisdale or Point Grey steal the limelight and are heavily invested in.

3. Capilano Suspension Bridge (During peak season)

There is a difference between what you expect and what you get. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is no exception.

During peak season (June-August), the Suspension Bridge is heaving with families, tourists, summer programs and expats. If you include the extortionate parking rates, expensive food, ticket prices and transit – you’re going to find a very skinny wallet at the end of the day.

Lynn Valley Bridge

The other option of course is Lynn Canyon’s FREE Suspension Bridge. Here, there are hiking options for every level, waterfalls, fewer people and a happier wallet. It’s one of North Vancouver’s best kept secrets.

If you’re still keen on going to Capilano, get there before 10AM and allow for at least 2 hours of walking around the trees and lame excuse for a cliff walk.

4. Granville island

Granville Island

Looks like Granville is guilty again.

Over and under the Granville Street Bridge is Granville Island. Well, it’s more of a tiny peninsula, but you’ll soon forget as you get lost in the crowds, inflated prices and nightmare parking.

If a day on the island is essential, your best bet is to park miles away from the island and make your descent underneath the Granville Street Bridge.

Once is enough for most locals as there really isn’t anything irreplaceable found here. Weekends seem to be the busiest, so try and get there in the morning during a weekday.

If you want to forget you’re on a tiny peninsula amongst thousands of tourists, just head to Metrotown.

Parking is better too.

5. English Bay During any fireworks event

The Celebration of Light comes to mind for many Vancouverites when you talk about English Bay. As do the suffocating crowds and near impossibility of finding anywhere decent to sit.

For you daredevil's, head to English Bay before 12PM to set up, as well as stake your claim to a spot on the beach. Yes, I know the actual fireworks are at 10PM, but when you consider 250,0000 people from

the entire province flocking to one area, it puts things into perspective.

English Bay Fireworks

The best views are going to be away from the beach, booked at nearby restaurants with views and vantage points outside and above the English Bay area.

Where Not to Go in Vancouver

Despite my best efforts to find perilous areas and activities,Vancouver is still a very safe place.

Freak accidents and gang-related crime are scarce, yet their scars still remain obvious. There are grungier areas where tourists can feel a little intimated; neighborhoods in China Town, Gastown and Hastings are often on the lips of visitors when they visit.

Granville is also looking shabbier by the day too.

Though rugged, many families still call these areas home since the Vancouver doesn’t generally have any “No Go” zones and rental prices continue to skyrocket outside these areas.

Choose wisely before taking your family out this 2018 and always remember to stay vigilant, even when you’re feeling the most relaxed.

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