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Alberta Child Support Calculator [2023]

Alberta child support calculator for sole, shared and split custody.
Calculate Alberta child support in less than 5 minutes.

Alberta Child Support Calculator
Updated January 1, 2023

Use this Alberta Child Support Calculator to calculate child support for sole, shared and split custody parenting. Child support for Alberta is calculated using the Federal Child Support Guidelines and the Alberta child support tables.

*Important: If one or both parents live outside Alberta, use the Canada Child Support Calculator instead.

This calculator uses the latest table amounts that enter into force on November 23, 2017. It should not be used to calculate arrears. Contact us if you need to calculate retroactive support.

This free calculator is for estimating ongoing support. If you need to download a reliable support report suitable for court or mediation, try the Divorcepath support calculator. Divorcepath is free to try, with premium reports starting at $19.00. Professional use plans are also available. Click here learn more.

Your Income

Spouse's Income

Enter gross income for yourself and your spouse below. This should usually be the number on line 150 of your income tax return.

Step 2: Children

Parenting of Children

Add additional children below using the green button, and select the applicable parenting arrangement.

Child 1:

*Not sure whether your parenting arrangement qualifies as shared? Read our article on shared parenting.

Special Child-Related Expenses

Enter net annual out-of-pocket expenses for your children's activities, education, and other special child-related expenses. Deduct the net value of any tax benefits or credits received in relation to the expense first (otherwise the calculation will be inaccurate).

*Not sure what expenses qualify? Read our guide to section 7 expenses.

Step 3: Calculate

Calculate Child Support

By clicking "calculate" you agree to our terms of use, including that all calculations are estimates only and not legal advice.

Step 4: Analysis

Alberta Child Support Report

Use the calculator to generate a free report on Alberta child support for your situation. The report will contain:

Detailed Support Scenarios

Review a detailed analysis of your income and expenses and your spouse's income and expenses.

Monthly Disposable Cash

Compare your monthly free cash flow to that of your spouse, i.e. income remaining after considering tax, Alberta child support and goverment benefits.

Total Income Distribution

Visualize how your combined income could be distributed, showing net income, tax, benefits, and Alberta child support.
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How to Calculate Child Support in Alberta

Alberta child support is calculated using the Federal Child Support Guidelines and gross parental income. If children live with only one of their parents, only the income of the paying parent is taken into consideration. If the children live with each parent approximately the same amount of time, child support is calculated for each parent separately and the amounts are set-off against each other. The result is that only the higher earning spouse pays child support.

Child support claims can be very complex. Many issues can arise, including the calculation of income, eligibility of section 7 expenses (special expenses) and hardship claims. This website offers basic legal information only. For legal advice and representation in any child-support related matters, we recommend you consult an Alberta family lawyer. A family lawyer can bring or defend a child support claim on your behalf, and make submissions to the court. Contact us for more information on what a family lawyer can do for you.

More Alberta Child Support Information

There is a wealth of information available online and at Alberta courthouses to assist you in bringing or responding to a child support claim.

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